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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever (YF) is a viral disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. It primarily occurs in tropical areas of Africa and South America.

The disease can cause fever, headache, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The sooner the better. The vaccine will take at least 10 days to be effective. Certificates will not be valid for travel before 10 days.

Since 11 July 2016, World Health Organisation states that the period of validity of the vaccination certificate has changed from 10 years to the duration of the life of the person vaccinated.

Adults and Children from 9 months: Single Dose

Boosters are not required for yellow fever vaccination

Reactions to yellow fever vaccine are usually mild and short lived. They include muscle pain, headache, and low-grade fever, typically occurring during the first five to ten days.

Children from the age of 9 months can receive the vaccination 

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The yellow fever vaccine is highly effective at preventing yellow fever. A single dose of the vaccine lasts a whole life time.

More About
Yellow Fever

Symptoms, in some cases, YF can progress to a more severe stage, known as severe YF, which can cause jaundice, haemorrhaging, and organ failure.

Prevention of YF involves vaccination and measures to avoid mosquito bites, such as wearing protective clothing and using insect repellent. Travelers to areas where yellow fever is endemic may be required to provide proof of vaccination before entering the country.

Treatment for YF is primarily supportive, with the focus on managing symptoms and preventing complications. There is no specific antiviral treatment for YF.

Yellow fever is a serious disease that can be fatal, particularly in individuals who are not vaccinated. It is important for individuals traveling to areas where YF is endemic to take appropriate precautions to reduce their risk of contracting the disease. If you believe you have been exposed to yellow fever or are experiencing symptoms of the disease, seek medical attention immediately.

There are several restrictions on the use of YF vaccinations in different groups. Infants from the age of 6 months and those aged 60 years or older may receive the vaccination following a consultation with a trained professional.

Certain countries have strict rules around who must receive the vaccination before entry, and when they need a certificate to prove vaccination status. It is advisable to check your itinerary with our team to ensure you get the latest information. 

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